In August 2011, Memorial Behavioral Health (previously known as Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois) was notified that it was one of four organizations to receive $2 million in funding over the next three years to implement the Children’s MOSAIC Project. The grant is funded by the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation (ILCHF).

The Children’s MOSAIC Project provides a framework and time-limited resources to support our community as we work toward the goal of developing a system to ensure that our children have appropriate services and supports when they are needed and where they are needed.

Extended support and funding from the community has made the continuation and expansion of MOSAIC possible. Give to The Children’s MOSAIC Project today. 

The MOSAIC Mission

To braid resources together to cultivate the social and emotional health of children and families in the Springfield community. The health and well-being of children is at the heart of the Children's MOSAIC Project. It is an expansive undertaking which aspires to ensure that a comprehensive, interconnected mental health system of care exists for all children and families in Springfield, Illinois.

The MOSAIC Project began in one neighborhood, in targeted school settings and in one primary health care practice during the planning year. The system of care will center around each child in need, and their family, utilizing evidence-based practices and interconnected community resources.

MOSAIC has also expanded its connection to the community by increasing the number of schools with embedded staff to a total of nine. MOSAIC is also engaged in other community settings, including Springfield Urban League Head Start and Boys and Girls Club of Central Illinois. As a product of its continued success, MOSAIC expanded its presence at Memorial Physician Services – Koke Mill, SIU Center for Family Medicine and SIU Department of Pediatrics by embedding behavioral health consultants who provide on-site early identification and intervention for social-emotional issues to thousands of children each year.

Goals and Objectives

The Children’s MOSAIC Project is designed to achieve three broad goals.

  1. Implement the Screening, Assessment, Referral and Treatment (SART) model for all children living within Springfield Public School District’s boundaries.
  2. Build the community’s capacity to offer all services/supports that children need to develop to their fullest potential.
  3. Enhance and expand interagency communication and collaboration.

Major objectives include annual screening for all children in targeted settings; increasing the number of children with a positive screen who receive an assessment and subsequent treatment, if needed; providing care coordination to all children with a positive screen; increasing the use of evidence-based prevention and treatment models; and decreasing the barriers to sharing client information among MOSAIC partners.


The Children’s MOSAIC Project is being funded by the Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation (ILCHF). The Foundation’s vision is to ensure every child in Illinois has the opportunity to grow up healthy. It focuses on funding projects that develop solutions to the barriers that prevent children from accessing the ongoing health care they need.