Parenting Tips

Appreciate free play. It is vital to child development. This is a natural way for children to learn and it also time when a parent and child can develop a positive relationship.

Talk and listen to your child. Make sure your child knows that you are there for them by listening, comforting them and providing support.

Encourage your children to ask questions, and provide honest answers to them. This will help them feel more comfortable to come to you in the future when their problems become more difficult.

Discuss and enforce family rules. If your children know these rules and realize what rules are at young age they will adapt better to environments outside the home.

Teach your children right from wrong. Understanding right from wrong will help your child develop good morals.

Don’t compare your children. Cherish their differences and let them know their special qualities you admire and love.

If your child is unique or “different” celebrate that. Each child learns and grows at different rates, if they need help at a certain time, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Support them and love what they have to offer.

Encourage family activities. They promote a sense of belonging and let a child know they have a support system.
Provide your child with healthy foods and snacks. Encourage exercise and outdoor play! Utilize area resources, such as zoos, parks and museums.

Take care of yourself. You are not an effective parent when you are sick or run down. Eat healthy and get enough sleep. If you are feeling overwhelmed ask for help from friends or family.

Recognize and compliment good behavior. It can be frequently overlooked. If you want it to continue, acknowledge it!

For more parenting tips, visit the Child Development section of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.