Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Apps

Mobile apps can make monitoring and managing chronic health conditions easier by putting the tools in the palm of your hand.

Only you can decide if technology will assist with your overall behavioral health and recovery goals. Below is a list of apps across platforms that are geared toward behavioral health and wellness.  Note that this list is provided as a resource only.  It is not comprehensive nor do we endorse their effectiveness.


circleof6 – A discreet app for violence prevention in vulnerable populations through the use of mobile technology (iTunes/Android – free)
Guardly – The fastest way to connect to authorities, family and friends, when you need help (iTunes/Android/Blackberry – free)
LifeLine Response - When the Distress Alert is activated and not disarmed within 20 seconds the Response Verification Center will call the user back and verify there is a real emergency (iTunes/Android - $9.99)
On Watch – A personal safety app developed specifically for college-aged users (iTunes – free)

Addiction Recovery

12 Steps Companion (iTunes/Android - $2.99)
ImQuit – Track your progress (Android – free)
iPromises Recovery Companion - Add friends, see shared meetings, track your progress and challenges, and get a daily positive message one day at time (iTunes – free)
Meeting Finder – The most comprehensive 12 step program meeting search tool (iTunes/Android – free)
Recovery Box – A sobriety toolset that facilitates tracking of daily life activities (iTunes - $1.99)


Beat Panic – Interactive resource for before, during, and after a panic attack. (iTunes - $0.99)
Beat Social Phobia – A guided audio program geared toward assisting users with social phobias (iTunes/Android - $2.99)
iCounselor: Anxiety – Learn skills and behaviors to reduce daily anxiety (iTunes – $0.99)
iStress – A stress and anxiety management tool (iTunes - $0.99)

Bipolar/Mood Tracking

eMoods - Charting daily extremes of moods and other symptoms (Android – free)
iMoodJournal - Mood journal, personal diary and charting tool helping you recognize patterns and triggers of your mental state, including bipolar and OCD (iTunes - $1.99)
Mood & Anxiety Diary - Track changes in mood and anxiety over time (iTunes - $2.99)
Mood Panda – A free and interactive mood tracking application that can also be accessed via browser (iTunes/Android/Web – free)
MyMoodTracker - Track your moods and emotions, and everything else that can affect how you feel (iTunes - $4.99)

Crisis Intervention

ASK & Prevent Suicide – Educational and crisis resource (iTunes/Android – free)
HELP Prevent Suicide - easy access to crisis intervention resources, including a list of warning signs, steps on how to talk with someone in crisis, and information on national resources (iTunes – free)
Operation Reach Out - Provides activities to help people who are depressed stay connected to others (iTunes – free)