Memorial Employee Assistance Services

Since 1998, Memorial Employee Assistance Services (MEAS) has provided high-quality employee and workplace assistance solutions to improve the performance and productivity of individual employees and organizations throughout Springfield, Central Illinois and the United States. MEAS is an employee assistance and work-life program developed by Chestnut Global Partners in Bloomington, Illinois and the Memorial Behavioral Health in Springfield, Illinois.

An employee assistance program is an employee benefit that offers confidential assessment, counseling, and referral for job performance issues and personal or family problems that may affect employee productivity. MEAS also provides management consultation, eldercare and ID theft services, financial/credit counseling, educational workshops for employees to promote emotional wellness in the workplace and Work-Life solutions, including childcare and parenting, daily living/convenience services, health and wellness and legal assistance.

MEAS clients also have access to Online Work-Life Resources, a web-based service with information on hundreds of behavioral health related topics, self-improvement programs, resourcing services and consultation.