Memorial Employee Assistance Services

How to Access Services

When Should I Call

There are times in life when personal problems become so complex and overwhelming that, without help, they affect personal satisfaction, health, family harmony and job performance. When this happens, you can call Memorial Employee Assistance Services at 888-817-8989.

You and your family members (spouse and eligible dependent children) can contact an EAP counselor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Happens When I Call

Memorial Employee Assistance Services offers toll-free telephone access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employees and eligible family members throughout the United States and Canada use the toll-free line 888-817-8989 as the single access point for EAP services. When you (or your spouse or dependent children) call MEAS, an intake counselor will:

  • Determine the nature of your concern(s);
  • Evaluate the level of urgency;
  • Explain any service parameters and answer any questions you may have;
  • Collect some basic demographic information;
  • Reassure you that the program is confidential;
  • Arrange for an "in-person" session in one of our offices in central Illinois or refer you to one of our EAP affiliates throughout United States to set up an appointment.

Initial Visit

Together with the EAP clinician, you will review your presenting and related problems, as well as discuss possible solutions, taking into account your strengths, coping skills, and motivation for change. The following will also be done during the initial assessment:

  • A review of client rights, EAP services, and confidentiality;
  • An evaluation of any high risk factors, such as substance abuse, suicide potential, and domestic violence;
  • A determination whether your concerns can be handled with short-term counseling within the EAP, or whether a referral beyond the EAP is indicated; and
  • A solution-focused action plan that addresses your concerns and resolves issues that may disrupt your life or work performance.
  • Arrange for a second appointment or facilitate a referral to a provider covered under your medical plan benefit or other community resource.

If you are uncomfortable or not compatible with the assigned EAP counselor, you can contact the MEAS Intake Department at 888-817-8989 and request a change of counselor. All requests will be handled in a sensitive manner.

Remember, there is no cost to you, your spouse or eligible dependent children for EAP visits.

Your personal problem may be explored and/or resolved within a predetermined number of sessions. If your issue is more serious, you may be referred through your insurance plan to a professional resource that has expertise within your problem area.