Memorial Employee Assistance Services

MEAS Customers

Junell Ransdell
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Lincoln Land Community College

Memorial Employee Assistance Services has been the right choice for Lincoln Land Community College's EAP vendor because of the organization's strict compliance to confidentiality, the ease of use for our employees and their families and the proactive partnership we have with our account executive. It is beneficial to us that MEAS has a number of clinicians and locations as Lincoln Land has employees throughout Springfield and central Illinois.

As an employer, I know that MEAS is only a phone call or e-mail away from providing answers to my questions and concerns. They are truly a "partner" with Lincoln Land Community College. They are accessible and responsive and stay connected to our employees by providing timely and relevant information through the monthly newsletter and Web site. Our account executive regularly disseminates information regarding employee and workplace issues and he keeps in contact with us to see if there is any assistance or training MEAS can provide to our supervisors and employees.

LLCC feels strongly about supporting our employees however we can in order to assist them in being productive employees. It is difficult to measure the "return on investment" of an EAP, but we recognize that employees deal with issues outside of the workplace that may have an effect on their job performance. So, if we can lend support in this area by offering EAP services, we think that will benefit the employee, which in turn benefits the college.

Leigh Ann Harrison
Director of Human Resources
Springfield Clinic, LLP

We considered several factors when selecting an Employee Assistance Provider. First of all, we wanted to be certain that we contracted with a program that would provide exceptional care to our employees. With Memorial Employee Assistance Services, all clinicians are skilled, licensed psychotherapists or certified employee assistance professionals. MEAS not only offered us a panel of exemplary professionals who are located in Springfield near our main campus facility, but also a network of professionals throughout the United States for those family members or employees who might work at a satellite office, be away at college, on vacation, etc.

Although we only rolled out the Employee Assistance Program in 2009, we have already received numerous "thank yous" from employees who are grateful for this new benefit. Even though the program is completely confidential, some employees have chosen to share their stories with other co-workers in an effort to promote their personal success stories and the benefits of an EAP. It's a wonderful feeling to know that Springfield Clinic and MEAS have worked together to provide a benefit that is truly changing and improving the lives of our employees. We were very excited about the 24-hour help line and the fact that employees would not just be placed on hold or made to wait. MEAS truly care about its clients.

We have already seen a decline in absenteeism in certain departments. Although we cannot directly tie the decrease to the EAP, we know that it is a factor.

Also, after we selected MEAS, we were very pleased with the training and rollout of the benefit to our employees and our managers. I highly recommend MEAS to anyone looking for an Employee Assistance Program provider.

Michele M. Frye
System Director, Employee Health Services
Memorial Health System

When Memorial was selecting a provider for our Employee Assistance Program we required the program meet the following criteria:

  1. Available in areas around Springfield to accommodate the significant number of employees living in surrounding communities;
  2. Available to our employees 24/7;
  3. Provide the regular EAP services as well as have the ability to assist our employees with issues such as elder care, legal issues such as identity theft, and provide work team services such as team building, critical incident stress debriefing and supervisor training.
  4. Be a partner in evaluating and identifying the needs of our employees both to improve their health and wellbeing as well as assisting Memorial in achieving our Great Place to Work strategy.

Our Employee Assistance Program through MEAS not only met the above criteria but exceeded expectations. The differentiating factor is the close working relationship we have with MEAS. We have a true partnership identifying the needs of our workforce and their families as well as balancing those needs with the needs of the manager and department.

MEAS is always just a phone call away if any of our supervisors, managers or health nurse needs to consult with a professional about any situation, employee problem or need of a department or work unit.

Our utilization continues to be at or above the national average. Our managers and supervisors who work with MEAS have nothing but positive comments and outcomes with the issues they have either referred to or solicited assistance from EAP. Our managers are confident that EAP is an effective resource for them to assist in managing our most valuable resource... our employees.