Memorial Employee Assistance Services

Pricing Options

Pricing structures and options for Memorial Employee Assistance Services customers include:

  1. Capitation: Per-employee-per-year rate for each eligible employee.
  2. Retainer + fee-for-service: An annual "retainer" fee is developed to cover access and administration, usually defined as non-utilization activities. Direct services (counseling, training, critical incidents) are billed on an hourly or per session basis. The retainer fee would vary based on the size of the employer, locations, and any assumptions surrounding utilization and activity.
  3. Partial capitation + fee-for-service: Same as "retainer" except the administrative portion is capitated based on the number of covered employees. For example, we may charge $1.00 PEPM + $90.00 per actual counseling session. The $1.00 PEPM covers non-utilization activities.
  4. Variable Risk or Flexible: This is capitation, or PEPY, with a rebate to the employer for lower than expected utilization or additional compensation for utilization above the expected or assumed level.
  5. Performance-Based: This approach can be used with capitation or fee-for-service. The employer pays the vendor a "bonus" for meeting agreed upon performance measures, or the vendor pays a penalty for failing to meet specific performance measures.

With all pricing models (including capitation) we isolate "administrative" costs and "direct service" costs. This can also be categorized as "utilization" and "non-utilization" costs. Non-utilization is usually defined as any service or support function except face-to-face counseling, training, or other on-site service. Non-utilization includes 24-hour call center, data management, reporting, communications, complaint resolution, network development, quality management, and program evaluation.

For more information about MEAS pricing options, contact an account executive, call 888-817-8989, or e-mail us.