Memorial Employee Assistance Services


From prompt assistance with employee/dependent concerns to comprehensive services for managers and supervisors, Memorial Employee Assistance Services offers a full range of products to benefit your employees and your business.

Our value goes far beyond the confidential help we give to individual employees and their dependents. We provide a variety of workplace assistance services designed to help supervisors overcome performance problems with their staff, assist employees in coping with any type of behavioral crisis at work, and promoting emotional wellness at work.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - MEAS will provide assessment and counseling across a wide range of personal and behavioral problems, as well as problems in everyday living, including relationship difficulties, family conflict, job stress, substance abuse, legal issues, credit problems, grief and loss, emotional strains and life and career transitions.

Disease Management/Health Coaching - By calling our EAP/Work-Life line or our Health Coaches directly, your employees and members can access professional health coaches who are dedicated to providing personalized wellness coaching, education and referral services.

Critical Incident Response - With more than 300 on-site responses, we have provided the necessary education, support, and trauma counseling to help our clients re-establish feelings of security, control and normalcy as quickly as possible.

Workplace Training and Consultation - Memorial Employee Assistance Services can support the human resource development efforts of its client companies with customized consulting services in response to specific behavioral or organizational health issues at work.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services - Memorial Employee Assistance Services can help employers with regulations and improve safe working conditions by developing or enhancing a substance abuse policy and program.