Memorial Employee Assistance Services

Critical Incident Response

As an employee assistance program, we have responded to numerous traumatic workplace incidents at employer facilities throughout North America and around the world during the past several years, including serious accidental injuries and fatalities, explosions, attempted or actual assaults by disgruntled employees, and major workplace upheaval.

With more than 300 on-site responses, we have provided the necessary education, support, and trauma counseling to help our clients re-establish feelings of security, control and normalcy as quickly as possible.

Our customer's local management has consistently reported that our on-site response has helped to strengthen morale, mitigate the damaging after-effects of trauma, and reinforce their organization's image as resilient.

Customizing the right response on a case-by-case basis

  1. The best crisis intervention service enables quick decision-making and allocation of resources, and responds to the needs of supervisors, employees, and family members as they unfold.
  2. Crisis services can efficiently address the profound disruption caused by an unexpected, dramatic event at work or in the local community, such as accidents, death, natural disasters and hostage taking.
  3. MEAS will provide rapid response to critical incidents involving employees, and will work with you to familiarize our provider network with the special concerns and requirements of supervisors, employees and their families.
  4. We will coordinate interventions - telephone-based and face-to-face - from our home office.
  5. We have responded to requests for crisis intervention services in both urban and remote areas of the United States.
  6. We have a long track record of successfully working with affected individuals to help them:
    • Understand their current situation and reactions
    • Review their options
    • Provide emotional support
    • Encourage linkage with other resources
    • Navigate the complexity of the crisis

Critical Incident Services

Regardless of whether or not the number of employees affected by an unexpected, dramatic event at work is large or small, MEAS will move quickly to activate our local providers and schedule an intervention before employees experience the negative impact of un-addressed trauma. Our experts are available to provide individual and large group debriefings, as well as consultation with your leadership team on what strategies can help promote employee resiliency in the weeks and months to come.