Memorial Employee Assistance Services

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

MEAS will provide assessment and counseling across a wide range of personal and behavioral problems, as well as problems in everyday living, including relationship difficulties, family conflict, job stress, substance abuse, legal issues, credit problems, grief and loss, emotional strains and life and career transitions.

In our model, up to six counseling sessions are available with a licensed, masters or doctorate level professional for each problem type that a client may present to the EAP in a given year. Our experience indicates that about 60% of all cases can be effectively resolved within a six-session EAP, thereby preventing a referral to a company's health benefits plan. Clients with financial difficulties such as mounting credit card debt are referred to the local offices of National Foundation of Consumer Credit (NFCC). MEAS has a linkage and referral agreement with NFCC to help guide our EAP clients through a financial crisis.

For clients who require long-term or specialized care (e.g. psychiatry, chemical dependency), our EAP counselors will coordinate a referral to the most appropriate community resource or health care provider covered under the employee's medical plan. Once a client has been referred beyond the EAP, we follow-up with the referral resource to make sure the client made a successful connection. For routine cases we typically do not follow-up directly with the client because it is often perceived as intrusive. However, we follow-up on all cases that meet the definition of an urgent referral or a supervisory referral to ensure that the client is safe and following through with recommendations.

To emphasize the prevention and early intervention of personal and behavioral health concerns, your employees (and their immediate family members) can take advantage of our advanced technology online self-improvement programs. Online Work-Life Resources has information on thousands of behavioral health related topics that are convenient, accessible and effective. The use of Online Work-Life Resources is anonymous and your employees can have confidential access from home, work or laptop.

Online Work-Life Resources allows employees to:

  • Have immediate access to specific topical information
  • Potentially reduce healthcare costs
  • Give employees who are reluctant to share information with someone face-to-face an outlet
  • Be more eager to make positive changes at work and home.