Memorial Employee Assistance Services

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

Memorial Employee Assistance Services can help employers with regulations and improve safe working conditions by developing or enhancing a substance abuse policy and program, including:

  • Implementing a training program to help supervisors effectively recognize and manage a chemically impaired employee.
  • Providing consulting services to managers who want to customize a drug/alcohol policy to their unique setting.
  • Conducting comprehensive substance abuse assessments for employees and families.
  • Providing long-term case management to minimize the chance of relapse and accidents.

How Does It Work?

Companies who have a substance abuse policy or drug testing program should provide a professional and neutral assessment and follow-up process. This includes:

  • Assessment of treatment needs for employees who test positive or who violate your policy.
  • Referral to covered providers when chemical dependency treatment is appropriate.
  • Ongoing care management of the employee's degree of compliance with any recommended treatment.
  • Facilitating written continued employment agreement for employees who have been relieved of duty.
  • Providing a written statement to the appropriate company official regarding the employee's degree of compliance.