Memorial Employee Assistance Services

Consultation and Training


Memorial Employee Assistance Services provides unlimited telephone consultation for you to call about any difficult employee behavior or performance issues. The purpose of each consultation is to help supervisors take the most appropriate action when dealing with troubled employees and resolve negative situations in a respectful and accountable manner.

An MEAS counselor will help you define problem behaviors, discuss how to address the employee, and help develop an action plan which may include a referral to the EAP.

MEAS also offers organizational consultation to support the human resource development efforts of companies such as customized consulting services in response to specific behavioral or organizational health issues at work. Examples include:

  • Refining a substance abuse policy to be more effective
  • Conducting an occupational stress inventory
  • Developing a workplace violence prevention plan
  • Facilitating a team development strategy
  • Processing critical issues during a downsizing period

Critical Incident Consultation

Any unexpected, dramatic event at work, such as a death of a coworker, serious accident, or major workplace change can leave a profound aftershock for affected employees. In the wake of a critical incident, a member of Memorial Employee Assistance Services will activate our team and schedule an intervention before employees experience the negative impact of unaddressed trauma.

We will work with you and others in management to enhance your ability to respond to the needs of your employees. This usually includes:

  • Providing internal communications and employee announcements
  • Identifying any needs of family members we can assist with
  • Responding to employee critical incident stress with on-site support and critical incident debriefing groups
  • Providing any recommendations following our intervention to aid in the recovery of the affected employee group

By utilizing our critical incident consultation, you can mitigate the effects of impaired morale and reinforce your image as caring and resilient.


Memorial Employee Assistance Services has conducted supervisory training throughout the United States. The benefits of this training are reflected in the high number of supervisory referrals to our EAP, indicating that supervisors are identifying and referring troubled employees under their supervision. To schedule an on-site training, contact your MEAS account executive.

Memorial Employee Assistance Services also offers a variety of trainings and workshops that you can make available to employees. Most topics are intended to be presented in one or two hours and we can modify the content of the workshops based on your target populations or identified goals. Click here to view the Memorial Employee Assistance Services Training Catalog.